Podcast Editing & Production

German and English


Lawrence Maximilian

German Voiceovers

Lend Your Content, Advert Or Story A Voice!

Sound is half the storytelling, and any production isn't complete without a voiceover. Get your story told by an exciting, young and authentic German Voice, with years of experience in the industry! Listen to some of my sample and past projects. 

Editing & Post Production

Podcast Editing

Polish Your Content For Better Listener Experience!

Professional Editing for high-end quality. Give your listeners premium content by ensuring pristine sound quality, removing stutters for better flow and editing material for consistent interest and attention levels. Podcast Edits with a quick turnaround time and detailed offers. 

Image by Austin Distel

Podcast Production & Launch

Get Your Podcast From Idea To Reality!

Launching a podcast isn't easy. We offer comprehensive preproduction to get you started, from Trailer, Intro & Outro, to Market and Listener Research, to Advice on Podcasting Equipment. Tailormade to your requirements, to give your podcast the best possible launch.