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Podcast Editing

Clean Cuts For Professional Podcasts

2022 marks the continued rise of Podcasts and Audio Marketing in our screen-based world. 37% of Americans listen to Podcasts monthly. Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, the three main Streaming Services, are all following the trend by offering exclusive Podcasts and marketing them actively on their Social Media Channels. 13 Headphone Sets are sold worldwide every second. 

If you're not in on Podcasting yet, now's the time! 

In search of an Editor to take some weight off your shoulders? Contact us today!

What we offer: 

As Creative Editing and Production Team we take care of all things post recording, to make sure your content sounds smooth, professional and listener-friendly. That can be editing out loud breaths, stutters and silences or even sections of repeated content. We mix and master the voices to industry standards and can reduce background noise if necessary. All edits are done within a short period of time, in line with your regular uploading schedule. 


Scissor Symbol Podcast Editing Cut


Group Symbol Interviews Panel Discussion


Music Symbol Podcas Intro and Outro




Check out a selection of our current and past podcast projects.


Daniel Hartz, Host and Founder of Sustainability Matters Today Podcast

Daniel Hartz - Sustainability Champions

"I really enjoy working with Lawrence because he is a true professional and understands exactly what I'm looking for with the sound and style of my podcast. In addition, he is proactive and is now more than just an audio engineer who makes my podcast sound great: he is a partner."

Hannes Sprengler - Aroga Vision - Vision On! Dein Sympulspodcast

Hannes Spengler - Arogya Vision

"Working with Lawrence is an absolute delight. His edits are very professional and you can feel that he is passionate about his job. His attention to detail and his openness about possible improvements definitely upgraded our podcast. If you consider teaming up with him, go ahead. We’re confident that his knowledge and experience will be rewarding for you as well as your audience."

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