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Podcast Portfolio

Selection Of Podcast Editing And Production Projects


Sustainability Champions Podcast

The podcast episodes showcase individuals, businesses, and organizations who have incorporated remarkable sustainable interventions in society. Champions are interviewed and additionally post articles about the positive changes occurring all over the world which propel us in a more sustainable direction.

Daniel Hartz Sustainability Matters Today Profile

Daniel Hartz

Arogya Vision - Vision On! Dein Sympulspodcast

Vision on! - Dein Sympuls Podcast 

Weekly conversational podcast about different aspects about self-healing. The hosts Anna and Hannes discuss all things from diets, excercise and energy to psychology and mental health. 

Hannes Sprengler Head Photo

Hannes Spengler

Katja Porsch - Wecke den Macher in dir Podcast Logo

Wecke den Macher in dir! ...der Podcast von Katja Porsch 

Interviews and Motivational Talks by International Speaker, Author and CEO/ Founder of the Start Up Academy in Kärnten

Katja Porsch Photo Head

Katja Porsch


We Can Save The World Podcast - with Kora

Scripted Podcast mixed with Interview-bites showcasing the startup Kora and its idea of how to heal the planet and reverse climate change. Educational and informative content, scripted and produced with Daniel Hartz of the Sustainability Champions Podcast. 


Kora App

Peter Brandl - Rmove before flight - Der CEO Podcast Logo

Remove Before Flight - Der CEO Podcast

Interviews and Talks by International Speaker, Author and Management Coach Peter Brandl

Peter Brandl Head Photo

Peter Brandl


Daniel Hartz, Host and Founder of Sustainability Matters Today Podcast

Daniel Hartz - Sustainability Champions

"I really enjoy working with Lawrence because he is a true professional and understands exactly what I'm looking for with the sound and style of my podcast. In addition, he is proactive and is now more than just an audio engineer who makes my podcast sound great: he is a partner."

Hannes Sprengler - Aroga Vision - Vision On! Dein Sympulspodcast

Hannes Spengler - Arogya Vision

"Working with Lawrence is an absolute delight. His edits are very professional and you can feel that he is passionate about his job. His attention to detail and his openness about possible improvements definitely upgraded our podcast. If you consider teaming up with him, go ahead. We’re confident that his knowledge and experience will be rewarding for you as well as your audience."

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